Thermostat John Deere 5105

Thermostat 5105 John Deere Problems

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I pulled the radiator out of my John Deere 5105 and took it to the repair shop this morning, $ 500 for a new one, I’m praying this can be fixed.So while I had the radiator out and easily accessible I thought about doing a complete radiator flush.The manual says the thermostat needs to be removed.Can anyone tell me exactly how to remove the thermostat cover?Is it the top screw?The exhaust looks like it would be on the road..Anyway …. SMART ME .. I thought I’d add the photos beforehand .. 🙂 Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

The thermostat housing is fastened with two screws.Looks like someone has replaced your cold start sensor with a locking bolt.

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