Replace priming pump with bulb? John Deere 5105

Replace priming pump with bulb? John Deere 5105 Problems

I have a John Deere 5105 and believe I am having trouble bleeding the fuel system.

It looks to me that ‘deformed’ area of the seal is keeping it from acting as a ‘one way’ valve when the hand plunger is pushed.

THAT seal is about $80. I could spend that,,.. but gosh, $80 for a 1 1/4″ rubber seal?.. man..

So, the QUESTION, Do you think an inline bulb fuel primer would work? Those are available for $20 (for diesel use)…

I would leave the existing ‘pump’ in place, as it houses a filter, and I would place the bulb primer just ‘upstream’ of this pump, which actually just becomes the filter housing/mount when that seal/valve is removed.

I am not a veteran diesel guy – so, this could be a dumb question…

Put the seal in a freezer bag & set in warm/hot water & see if you form it after it heat’s up.

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