John Deere 5105 with AWD does not have 3-Point Draft feature

John Deere 5105 with AWD does not have 3-Point Draft feature Problems

My John Deere 5105 with four-wheel drive does not have the 3-point attachment drag function. I was looking at the owner’s manual and the photos that describe the drag function versus those who do not have it. Those with the draft function have two levers on the right side of the driver to control the 3-point coupling system. Those who do not have the drag feature have two levers to operate the 3-point system. My tractor definitely has only one lever.

What I ask is if it is possible to add the shooting system to an existing tractor that does not have the shooting feature.

I have an Accessory of Suega John Deere 613 that I bought to use with the tractor 5105 a few years after buying the tractor. Since I use the Suega 613 accessory I have been periodically bending the Support Accessory Support Arms. Now the pivot pin on the support where the lower 3-point arms are fixed has broken the support. My property is irregular enough so that the front part of the accessory to cut the grass often wants to rise above where the 3-point coupling was fixed and it results in the flexion of the accessory parts to cut the grass.

One of my friends who has been in agriculture for years mentioned that there was an accessory called “Comb del Rooster” that was made for mowing accessories when used with tractors without built-in shooting function in its 3-point coupling system . That could be a possible solution.

Ideas? Suggestions? Do any of you know a “Rooster’s Comb” device provider?

The draft control is normally used to control the maximum depth, not the maximum height.

I have never heard of adding the shooting control to a tractor, but I am sure it could be done if you can take on the cost.

You have not said it, but I guess your tractor is a “E” model.

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