John Deere 5105 will not stay running

john deere 5105 will not stay running Problems

Hi, I have a John Deere 5105 It will start and idle for about 2 seconds that just shut down.It has been cold and I have been keeping the manifold heater plugged.It will eventually run if the air temp reaches about 34 degrees though, as we are heading to the time of year where it will be less than for long periods of time I need to figure this out, any help would be great Thanks

How do you keep the manifold heater plugged in as it is controlled by pressing the key, when it is in the run position? I have included a link to the operator’s manual.

There are a couple of things that I would check: 1) The manifold heater works, on my tractor (same engine), when the key for the manifold heater is pressed the battery indicator dims on the instrument cluster. If not, I would like to get a voltmeter and check that the manifold heater and manifold relay are working properly, 2) The cold start advance may not be working on the injection pump. In the thermostat housing there is a sensor that is connected to a two wire harness that goes to the injection pump; This is the “advance cold start” part of the system so it is easier to start cold by advancing the timing. I would do an ohm test of the sensor, whose part number is RE503242. I don’t know what the range is, but you could take it out ohm test, putting it in a glass of water with a temperature range of 40 to 122 Fahrenheit. 3) There is likely the problem that you could put a volt meter on the fuel solenoid and ensure you are not losing power.

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