John Deere 5105 the injector pump went out

John Deere 5105 the injector pump went out Problems

I have a question about a John Deere 5105 tractor. The injection pump broke and I purchased a remanufactured part from the dealer. I understand that the tractor timing is basically adjusted when the injection pump is installed. Are there any special considerations to take into account when installing the remanufactured pump today.

You’re right, the pump has a key to adjust the timing on the gear, it will only go one way. Reassemble the pump as close to the same position as possible on the mounting flange. This way the timing will be the same as before.

Make sure to replace the sealing washers on both sides of the banjo bolts that hold the line adapters to the injection pump, or it will leak. Bleed the injection pump system before you begin. Leave the injection lines loose at the injectors, then turn the key and start the engine until the fuel comes out of the high pressure tubes at each injector. Then tighten the lines and start the engine.

The pump is the fuel transfer pump, mounted on the engine side, it has a lever on the side of it, which is pumped manually, to prime the system up to the injection pump.

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