John Deere 5105 Starting Problem

John Deere 5105 Starting Problem Problems

A few months ago I posted a thread about my John Deere 5105 AWD tractor starting problems. By mistake we had put gasoline in the fuel tank. I finally determined what the problem was after repeated difficulties getting it to start and then I emptied the fuel tank and put in fresh fuel. The injector pump had to be primed several times before it started. Since then it has been difficult to start and lately with the cold it just won’t start. Starts well at normal starting speed. I haven’t primed the injector pump lately to see if that fixes the problem. I have a suspicion that the injector pump is the problem because once the engine started in warmer weather it worked fine.

Is the injector pump more likely to be damaged by having gasoline mixed with the diesel fuel or is it more likely that the engine has been damaged to the point of having to rebuild it? I tend to think of it as the injector pump, but what about the injectors themselves?

Did you use ether as a starting aid when diesel was diluted with gasoline?The only way to know if the injectors are bad is to remove them and pressure test them.I doubt that gasoline diluted diesel will ruin the injection pump, but stranger things have happened.

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