John Deere 5105 PTO driveshaft replacement

John Deere 5105 PTO driveshaft replacement Problems

I recently bought a second-hand Land Pride rotocultivator, but the transmission shaft is too short for my John Deere 5105. Do I have to replace all the axis, or can I simply find the tractor side and replace one end? Is the sliding clutch part of the transmission shaft, and if it is replaced it would need another transmission axis with sliding clutch? Or the sliding clutch is removable from the axis of the propeller and can be installed on a new propeller axis? I think it’s a complete unit. Basic questions of rookie, but I could not find any response through the search or google…

Your questions and conjectures are all valid answers.

Specifically you would need to take a photo of your axis to confirm if it is one of the combined units or if the clutch was added.

Most of the time it is cheaper to buy the two parts of a used axis than to buy a new half. It is also useful to have an extra about whether you ever need a joint or approach an implement to your tractor.

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