John Deere 5105 problem clutch

John Deere 5105 problem clutch Problems

I have a John Deere 5105 quad that crushes hard when entering any gear and also jerks forward when releasing the clutch pedal. Clutch rebuilt and adjusted with the jd tool had the same symptoms with the old clutch. The clutch valve has been checked, all springs and valves are operational. Any suggestion?

There is no friction surface on the John Deere 5105 QR flywheel that can be repaired. Burn / discoloration will not harm clutch performance as long as the surface remains smooth and flat.

The clutch should be adjusted very carefully with the best inch torque wrench you can afford. Let’s say you have.

The most likely problem is an oil leak in the clutch piston oil circuit. The clutch valve modulates a small amount of coupling oil. It cannot compensate for a piston seal leak. The most common cause is a very rough piston hole that causes seal wear. The surfaces on which the joint runs must be smooth as a mirror.

It is also possible that there is a leak elsewhere in the clutch housing.

Also, if the splines on the clutch hub are worn, the clutch will not work properly. How is the knob, the cuff?

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