John Deere 5105 not wanting to rev

John Deere 5105 not wanting to rev Problems

I just bought a John Deere 5105. The previous owner changed the fuel filter and primer.He started it up and handed it to me.It seemed to work fine, but since I’ve used it a bit, I feel like it’s starving for fuel.It does not revolve freely, anything above 1500 to 1800 RPM feels like it is hitting a rev limiter.The previous owner had found accumulated dirt in the priming bucket.I wonder if the tank needs to be drained.I am assuming that what caused the build-up of dirt in the priming bucket still exists in the system between the tank and the priming bucket.Does anyone have a schematic of how the fuel flows from the tank to the filter?Are there other screens or filters that need to be changed?


Take the temperature into account. Low temperatures can cause fuel gels to block supply

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