John Deere 5105 Hydraulic screen clogged

John Deere Hydraulic screen clogged Problems

The hydraulics on my 2003 John Deere 5105 stopped working, so I drained the fluid and inspected the suction screen.It was clogged with something that reminded me of brake disc material, but I can’t be sure.I cleaned it and refilled it with liquid and the system works again ..

The liquid was only 2 years old.

So it’s an incredibly dirty filter after two years.How many hours in two years?My tractor shows the hydraulic fluid change every 1200 hours.Correct fluid?I don’t want to state the obvious, but the wrong or incompatible fluid will lead to this.Water?Check that the hose fittings are not cracked or have loose connections.

That will possibly allow moisture to enter.Are there metal shavings in the filter? These are the most common problems, apart from overheating

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