John Deere 5105 electrical

John Deere 5105 electrical Problems

Hi I’m new here and looking for some help I bought a used Deere 5105, it works great but the fuel gauge seems to be stuck on full, and the blinkers are not working. I’ve done some research and found some cables that are disconnected under the tractor under the strings on the left side, and completely ripped and stripped on the right side. I thought I could reconnect the cables, but nothing is that simple. I have several cables that appear to be the same color, some male and some female connectors, etc. I guess I need a detailed electrical schematic of the tractor if anyone has access to one. Thanks for any help

The wire running from the fuel sender to the generator set is orange in color and numbered 353. There should also be a black ground connected to the sender. Touch the orange to ground and the fuel gauge should go full.

The emitter assembly consists of a mobile float mounted on a variable resistor (potentiometer). The resistance of the potentiometer in the meter’s sense circuit controls the fuel level displayed on the meter. When the float moves up or down with changes in fuel level, the electrical resistance of the potentiometer changes accordingly. When the tank is full, the resistance is low and the indicator needle moves to the full position. When the tank is empty, the resistance is high and the pointer of the indicator moves to the empty position. The resistance of the potentiometer between these two positions varies in direct proportion to changes in the fuel level. This allows the gauge to accurately display the amount of fuel in the tank, regardless of its level.

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