John Deere 5105 3 point wont lift

John Deere 5105 3 point wont lift Problems

I have a John Deere 5105 from year 05 with a 3 pt that won’t lift. As I understood it, the hydraulic pump drives the power steering and the 3 pt. The address works well.

The full story is …. this tractor sat for a while because the injector pump went off. While it was being repaired, I removed the rear plate from the PTO and cleaned the transmission and replaced the bottom filter which was dirty. Also change the gearbox filter. I reassembled everything and filled it with transmission fluid. I put the injection pump back on and after a bit of a struggle I got the tractor working again.

This tractor also has the connections for a front loader, but it has never been used or connected.

I’m looking for anything I can do to fix the problem before I have to take it away. The mechanic who helped me told me that he was leaning on the control linkage. I’m not a hydrology guy so I don’t know where to go next.

Any diagram of the system would be helpful as well. Thanks.

The hydraulic pump may have lost prime when cleaning the screen. With the engine running blow “short bursts of compressed air” into the hydraulic oil fill hole with the remainder of the hole blocked with a shop towel in an attempt to force the oil into the pump gears. If the 3 pt does not lift then I am assuming the FEL hitches have breakaway couplings. If so, get a 5000 # gauge with male ISO tip and connect it to the breakaway. Move the corresponding control lever in both directions to determine if any pressure appears on the gauge.

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