John Deere 5105 2005 with a fuel supply problem

john deere 5105 2005 with a fuel supply problem Problems

I have a ’05 5105 model with just under 600 hours on it. I was using it to clean under brush with the box scraper when the problem started. I was working at idle. It sped up slightly as I looked back. I thought I had hit the foot pedal. About a minute later it did it again by returning to idle immediately. Then he started doing it regularly as he felt he lacked power. I started it with the engine open as I went to the shed. It sounded bad but it moved easily.

Once I got to the shed I put it to idle and took it apart to see if I could see anything wrong. The engine idled for less than a minute and died. It did not start again.

I changed the fuel filter and emptied the water separator. There was no water in it. After priming the system, it still won’t boot. After following the manual instructions on how to bleed air out of the system, it still won’t start. I disconnect the 3 lines from the fuel pump to the injectors on the fuel pump. I crank the engine and no drop of fuel comes out. I start the tractor with starting fluid and no fuel drops come out.

I check the voltage on the solenoid. 11.5 volts with the key on and an audible click in the solenoid when the key is turned. There are 2 other wires connected to the solenoid but I have no idea what they do.

I am perplexed. Please help.

Loosening the fuel line at the fitting while cranking the engine, is fuel coming out of the fitting from the fuel return line?

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