Dangling hoses on John Deere 5105

Hi, I inherited an old John Deere 5105 when we bought a house and land a year ago. I have read the manual and used it several times to grab and haul logs. However, I am not as familiar with it as I would like – I recently noticed what appeared to be exhaust coming out of an open end hose that runs down the right side of the engine. I can’t figure out if it has broken from where it should be attached or if it is supposed to. Investigating a bit more I have found another open hose that runs down the left side of the engine towards the front.


Follow the hoses to where they originate. It doesn’t seem like they shouldn’t be there. It looks like a breather hose on the right side and the radiator overflow on the left, but I’m just guessing. I think my tractor is a later model of the 5105, so I’ll take a closer look and report back. John deere parts website have good diagrams of all the components.

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